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The Senior Home Safety Network Program is a national program developed to help senior citizens to “stay in place” in their homes. These citizens need the extra help and advice we can provide.

Too often, family members are scattered across the country and unable to “check in” on their loved ones. Visits home are usually too short for them to check the home, and even if the visits were longer it is “uncomfortable” to check a loved one’s home. Our inspectors have the equipment and education to recognize hazards in the home.

Seniors can be faced with returning to the home after a vacation, a stay in a nursing home, or after a natural disaster. We are here for those times too. We are there to check for environmental hazards that can harm them.

We have each been touched by the struggle of good people trying to remain in their homes, surrounded by their memories and hanging on to the freedoms they would lose in group housing. Being able to decide when to have a meal, retire for the evening, or simply when to turn the television up loud does not seem much like freedom, until you lose those choices.

Senior Home Safety Inspections Prevent Disaster

What we do in the Senior Home Safety Network is not just a job, it is a passion and a mission.
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