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Media Contacts and Downloads

Our primary media contact is  Dan Howard, the “voice” of the Senior Home Safety Network. Dan serves as Public Information Officer.

Dan Howard
Senior Home Safety Network, National Office
251 River Landing
Freeport, PA 16229-2203
Phone (724) 295-9123
Email is DanHoward@SeniorHomeSafetyNetwork.com

Our Freeport PA Public Information Office is in Eastern Time.
Dan is a former air talent and writer who understands the importance of deadlines and is well suited to provide the information needed for your target audience. Dan’s familiarity with the workings of the program eliminates the barriers that often occur when media representation is outside of an organization.   

We know the importance of communicating with you, and look forward to sharing this important story with your audience. 

All content and downloads on this site are for immediate release, however revised, with credit to the “Senior Home Safety Network.”

Aging In Place - An Old Concept Needs New Programs

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