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Inspector Requirements

Senior Home Safety Network Inspector Requirements

All inspectors must be compliant with all regulations, oversight and license requirements within the jurisdictions where they practice
All inspectors must complete the Network Initial Training Program and be current on all Network Continuing Education requirements.
All inspectors must be compliant with Network Member Procedures and Policies.
All inspectors must have State Police Criminal Clearance Reports on file at our business office
All inspectors must have current insurance certificates on file with the business office.
All inspectors must wear Network Photo Identification ID’s during all site visits.
All reports must be completed using the SHSN Report template and uploaded to the SHSN Network.
Network client privacy policy must be strictly followed.


This document is the blueprint for the Senior Home Safety Program. It is a summary of what is done, the process of becoming a member of the network, the goals and overall character of the program.

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